New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae), white form


Now Symphyotrichum novae-angliae. This is the rare white form of the New England Aster. White asters of other species are a dime a dozen, but the New England Aster is usually purple or violet, uncommonly pink, and quite rarely white. Found in a roadside meadow near West Newton.


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  1. […] The American members of the genus Aster have been moved to the genus Symphyotrichum, and we hope they like it there. This is our showiest Aster, and the pink form is fairly rare; Gray would make it var. roseus (which, in the neuter genus Symphyotrichum instead of the masculine Aster, would be var. roseum). We also have pictures of the usual purple form and the very rare white form. […]

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