Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis scorpioides)


The “true” Forget-Me-Not is a European import that makes itself at home along brooks and streams; these grew by a little tributary of the Pine Creek near Wexford. Though Forget-Me-Nots are famously blue, we often see pink ones as well. On these particular plants, the newer flowers are pink, fading to blue as they age.

Gray describes the genus and the species:

Corolla-tube about the length of the 6-toothed or 5-cleft calyx, the throat with 5 small and blunt arching appendages opposite the rounded lobes; the latter convolute in the bud! Stamens included, on very short filaments. Nutlets compressed. Low and mostly soft-hairy herbs, with entire leaves, those of the stem sessile, and with small flowers in naked racemes, which are entirely bractless, or occasionally with small leaves next the base, prolonged and straightened in fruit. (Name composed of myos, mouse, and os, ear, from the short and soft leaves in some species.)

M. scorpiodes. (TRUE F.) Perennial; stems ascending from an oblique creeping base, 3-7 dm. high, loosely branched, smoothish; leaves  rough-pubescent, oblong-lanceolate or linear-oblong; calyx-lobes much shorter than its tube; limb of corolla 5-8 mm. broad, sky-blue, with a yellow eye. (M. palustris Hill.) In wet ground, Nfd. to w. N. Y., and southw. May-Sept. (Nat. from Eu.)

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